Can an extended warranty be voided?

Extended warranty They are similar to insurance policies (although they are not exactly the same and it is important to consider the distinctions), since they offer coverage for different scenarios, but also because it is possible to cancel them if the terms of coverage are not met. Factory and extended warranties can easily be voided if you or someone else uses dirty or inadequate fluids in your vehicle. This ranges from a stranger pouring sugar into the gas tank to using the wrong oil in their engine. If a repair is needed due to the use of these types of fluids, it is most likely that your warranty will not cover it and it will be completely void.

Finally, you found the car you like and made a good deal with the seller. Now they send it to the office of the finance and insurance manager (F&I) to sign some documents. The job of the F&I manager at a car dealership is to finalize the transaction and, in doing so, sell you extras, such as an extended warranty. Undoubtedly, the manager will defend the virtues of the dealer, thank him for his business and try to maximize his profits.

At some point in this discussion, the manager, in an effort to shore up future businesses, says that you have to have the car repaired at the dealership if you don't want to void the factory warranty. But is it necessary? The short answer is no. Like any other contract, both the owner and the manufacturer can breach the warranty on a car. When manufacturers grant guarantees, they undertake to carry out repairs as long as the purchaser of the car meets certain conditions and maintains the vehicle in a reasonable manner.

If you don't keep your end of the deal, your manufacturer can do the same. The manufacturer or dealer may void a warranty or deny warranty repairs. To do this, they must be able to demonstrate that inadequate repairs, inadequate maintenance, or inadequate upgrades caused damage to the component that is the subject of their warranty claim dispute. Manufacturer's warranties do not extend to damage suffered in natural disasters, such as an earthquake, flood or fire.

Depending on the modifications you make, you can still find a premium extended warranty for your vehicle. Whether you have a factory warranty or an extended used car warranty, each will have its requirements to prevent you from voiding the warranty. This will vary between the manufacturer's and factory warranty and the car's extended warranty, so you'll need to check with your specific supplier. If you are currently looking for an extended warranty and are having difficulty receiving service in the United States If you unknowingly bought a car with a salvage title, finding an extended warranty can be difficult until now.

These are prepaid service contracts that are concluded between you and the company that manages them, and the things that can void those guarantees can fill a separate story. Even if you have a trailer package in stock, you can void your extended warranty contract if you tow above the manufacturer's recommended limit (known as the manufacturer's recommended combined gross weight index, or GCWR). Because the extended car warranty only covers mechanical breakdowns, since it is not insurance, the policy debtor will cancel your contract if you attempt to file a claim and will have the right, under the contract, to do so. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a federal law that requires manufacturers to comply with warranties despite modifications in the vehicle aftermarket.

Calling your extended warranty company gives them the opportunity to confirm that everything is being handled correctly in your vehicle. This exemption is specific to certain warranties, as there are warranty options that may cover commercial or fleet vehicles. Misuse of your vehicle can cause an extended warranty company to void the warranty as it sees fit. Environmental damage can also void a factory or extended warranty, depending on the company you choose.


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