Why should you never buy the extended warranty?

But it's not really free if you paid more for it. Extended warranties are too expensive and add up quickly. The S&P 500 has fallen by more than 20%. But a stock market crash isn't the only thing to worry about.

Were you born before 1965? Remember to claim this The CEO of the automaker said in November that he would make the company the No. Companies continue to offer these policies and insist that their sellers push them hard because they are very profitable. If policies are profitable for the companies that issue them, they are not profitable for the consumer who buys them. So, on average, insurance is a losing proposition.

This isn't to say that all insurance is a bad idea, it's not. If the loss you are protecting yourself against was financially devastating (for example, the loss of the home you own), we recommend that you protect yourself with insurance. Even though, on average, homeowners insurance is a losing proposition, you can't afford to risk being the unfortunate person whose house burns down. A 115-year-old startup? The leaders of this family-owned company are honoring the past and building for the future.

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Lynette Roen

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