What is the benefit of having a home warranty?

It provides an easy and time-saving way to find service providers when a covered item breaks down. A home warranty, on the other hand, is a policy that protects the main appliances and systems in your home as they age. It's there to save you money when your water heater breaks unexpectedly or your dishwasher suddenly stops working. A home warranty may offer additional savings opportunities.

For example, the AHS Appliance Discount Program extends exclusive discounted pricing to customers with a home warranty on quality brand appliances, and the AHS Filter Program offers 30 to 50% discounts on air conditioning and heating filters for customers' homes. In addition, customers receive useful information about home management that can help customers manage their homes more efficiently. Visit the AHS discount page for an updated list of home warranty discounts and promotional codes. Having a home warranty is one of the best ways to protect your most valuable investment: your home.

Home warranties can help protect you from costly breakdowns, keep your appliances in good shape, keep your home looking beautiful, and generally protect your biggest investment. Now that you understand what a home warranty is, the cost of a home warranty, and some of the benefits of a home warranty, it's also helpful to learn about some of the disadvantages of having a home warranty. Whether you've considered home warranty coverage before or you've never seriously thought about it, make a decision to learn more about how that coverage can benefit you and your home this year.

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